We like to think the enemy is out there somewhere, but a well-kept secret is the enemy is almost always within…YOU. Yes, the most formidable enemy you will ever meet is yourself.

This is a hard concept to wrap our heads around because we are used to blaming others and so we blame the world when things seem to go wrong. In the meantime, the true enemy goes undetected which is often our toxic thoughts, child-hood trauma, dysfunctional beliefs, fear, lies we tell ourselves , unforgiveness and so on.

Great levels of honest introspection and self-reflection are required for us to come face-to -face with who we truly are and how we limit ourselves. Many of us don’t want to put in the effort because on some level we know it will be hard work and require sacrifice; it’s much easier to sulk and blame.

However, it’s better to put in the work now and walk the difficult road of self-confrontation, healing and spiritual growth; than the easy, familiar road of destructive behaviour, mental health issues and diseases.