Maiyo facilitates custom-made workshops, masterclasses and other interventions rooted in leadership development, inclusive culture and self-accountability. Sessions are flexible, ranging from a concise hour to an immersive full-day experience.

Workshop & Masterclass Topics:

Authentic Personal Branding: Unleash your authentic self and create a lasting impact in your personal and professional endeavors.

Understanding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Embrace diversity, foster inclusivity, and cultivate an empowering environment for all.

Communicate With Power: Harness the power of effective communication to lead with influence and impact.

Mental Health & Wellness: Prioritize mental well-being, promoting a healthy and thriving workforce.

Emotional Intelligence: Enhance emotional intelligence for better relationships and decision-making.

Women Empowerment: Inspire and equip women to embrace their potential, break barriers, and catalyze positive change.

Other Interventions:

Panel Discussions: Create a relaxed environment for subject matter experts and leaders to share their insights and ideas in a simple yet impactful way.

Executive Management Strategic Sessions: Empower individuals to think beyond conventional boundaries, articulate ideas and make quality decisions that drive overall effectiveness and meet objectives.

Organizational Change Dialogues:  Enable a safe and inclusive space that embraces diversity of thought and ideas, empowering individuals to see the value of the change journey.

Team Building Activities: Enhance collaboration, cohesion, and performance within a group by fostering trust, communication, and a sense of shared purpose. The power of role-playing and games is harnessed to bolster interaction & learnings.