Hope – A Super Power!

How can you hope for something better when everything is falling apart? Are you not removing yourself from reality? Are you not in denial of what IS? I once read somewhere that whatever you believe is what will happen. So I figured that if this theory is true (which I was skeptical about at the time) I may as well choose to believe in the good stuff because what would be the point in testing it with negative stuff? If it worked, I’d produce misery and suffering. If you’ve never chosen what your stance is when it comes to hope, I encourage you to ponder on it because…


Believe, Even When Nobody Else Does

There are many firsts happening in Africa right now. Nigerian star, Yemi Alade became the first African female artist to reach one million subscribers on her YouTube channel. In just one day, a world record-breaking 350 million trees were planted in Ethiopia as part of efforts to tackle deforestation and climate change. In South Africa, 20 teenagers from vastly different backgrounds built an aircraft and successfully flew it from Cape Town to Cairo. I’m sure at some point, the individuals behind these accomplishments were called crazy, too daring, over the top; but look at them NOW! What are you working so hard on that people think you’re insane?…