Why do we go through tough times? Trying to find the answer probably leads to sleepless nights more than the problem itself. There’re probably a million answers ‘why’ depending on our world view, religion, spirituality, culture and so on.

One of the common answers when we look back, is tough situations purify and purge us of things that no longer serve our higher self. The purge is often painful and life-shifting as we may lose family, friends, characteristics we held on to so dearly, coping mechanisms that once saved us but are no longer useful, spiritual beliefs we thought were holy grail.

It is this lonely space of sorrow and loss and brings out the gold in us. Rarely do we learn life lessons during seasons of peace and abundance. There is something about pain and misery that opens up the vault of deeper knowing.

 So the next time you are going through a tough time, introspect and ask yourself ‘what do I need to let go of here to become a better version of myself?’ Be prepared to make sacrifices and pursue truth as you know it.