Believe, Even When Nobody Else Does

There are many firsts happening in Africa right now. Nigerian star, Yemi Alade became the first African female artist to reach one million subscribers on her YouTube channel. In just one day, a world record-breaking 350 million trees were planted in Ethiopia as part of efforts to tackle deforestation and climate change. In South Africa, 20 teenagers from vastly different backgrounds built an aircraft and successfully flew it from Cape Town to Cairo. I’m sure at some point, the individuals behind these accomplishments were called crazy, too daring, over the top; but look at them NOW! What are you working so hard on that people think you’re insane?…


Hard Times Are Not Bad Times!

They are the prerequisite for something new because after a bitterly cold winter, the season of fresh beginnings must follow, that is spring. We live in a culture that predominantly sees difficulty as the end of the world, as an indication that you have done something wrong or God is punishing you. I’d like to suggest to you that your difficult time could also be a part of the seasons of life because there is a time for EVERYTHING under the sun. You can’t have harvest time without first having rain; you can’t have a beautiful baby without the discomfort of pregnancy and labour pains. This is the…


Winter is Your Friend

Winter has always been a go-slow period. The late nights and early mornings in my study reduce, exercise becomes non-existent, healthy eating reduces, going to church becomes a burden and waking up early becomes torture. Can you relate? This year I decided, no more! I prepared mentally with morning affirmations like “Today is an amazing day.” I say this out loud while the rest of my body cries “let’s sleep!” Why do I do this? The brain runs on programmes which we basically install mainly through repetition. By saying an affirmation daily, my brain will eventually believe it and stop fighting me. I also psyche myself up the…


Make Your Bed – It Builds Your Discipline!

Are you disciplined to do the every-day small things that bring long-term results? Discipline can be a negative word for some. Pictures of a deprived boring life with zero indulgence and strict routines might be your interpretation. I see discipline like an older friend who tells you the truth you don’t like but need to hear, and after you’ve heard it, you’re glad you did. It can be a painful process that demands sacrifice but in the end you’ll be glad you did it, especially if you are going after something you really really want; it’s an essential ingredient to all achievement. So how can you be disciplined…


To be a complete woman, is marriage a must?

It’s international women’s month and the theme this year is #BalanceforBetter.  May we balance-for-better our views on marriage? There seems to be something in the air that‘s making more and more women sink into a state of desperation (or even depression) in their quest for a husband. I believe that marriage is a beautiful union of two people that pledge to spend their lives together.  It isn’t a magical ticket to a happily-ever-after content and fulfilled life. But then, that’s easy for me to say and somewhat contradictory as I am married right? So I thought, let me introduce you to someone who is single (and content). Meet…

Mama’s 90th birthday with the late Comrade Zola Skweyiya

The Matriarch Lives On!

There is only one person my first blog post MUST be dedicated to, my grand-mother, Mamcirha Nocawa Lubemba who is no longer with us, she passed on just a few days before Christmas on 19 December 2018. What a source of inspiration! My earliest memory of Mama was me plaiting 10 strands of hair on her balding head when I was around 6 years old. I could never understand why she wanted it plaited; couldn’t she see she had no hair? We all lived in Zambia at the time; my family lived in Avondale (the burbs) and she lived in Kaunda Square (ko kasi). We would visit her…