Nature is loaded with the mysteries of how life works.

Think about it. Look at the trees, flowers, vegetation etc; everything has its season. Something critical we forget is that WE, humans, are a part of nature but we like to play a spectator role and LOOK AT nature. This makes us blind to the valuable lessons that are all around us.

Nature tells us that the storms of life play a role; when trees face terrible winds, something remarkable happens, their roots go deeper. In winter, certain animals migrate to warmer climates. Autumn strips away plant life in preparation for something new. A seed is buried in darkness before it grows into the light.

The times we live in are contrary to nature at times. We want things now and have been dubbed the “the instant generation” or “generation now”. We pray and hope for instant miracles, we wish away problems so we don’t have to work at solving them. This need to have everything now or to fix everything now messes with the seasons and processes of nature that we are a part of.

The next time you feel under pressure, take a walk in nature and allow her to speak to you.