Get to know Maiyo Febi!

Your partner in transformation and personal development.

Hello and welcome! 🙂

I’m Maiyo.

Thanks for visiting my corner of the internet.

My journey began in corporate South Africa, where I thrived in the world of corporate affairs and climbed the ranks to reach management level. However, as time went on, I couldn’t ignore the growing feeling that there was something more waiting for me beyond corporate. Uncertainty filled my mind, but deep down, I knew I was destined for a different path.

Driven by a desire to uncover my purpose and meaning, I embarked on a soul-searching journey and discovered I am a natural-born chief encourager. I find joy in bringing out the best in everyone fueled by optimism and a relentless passion to find solutions.

I now empower individuals, teams, and organizations to navigate change, maximize potential, and become more of who they want to be.

Career highlights:

  • Coaching C-suite executives at large-sized organizations
  • Career Coach for learners at the London School of Economics and Kings College London
  • Standard Bank Top Women Awards Moderator
  • Facilitated masterclass at Swinburne University Online, Australia
  • A respected voice on transformation and personal development; featured on Kaya FM, Talk Radio 702, You FM, Cape Talk, Destiny Magazine, Bizcommunity & more

I love the outdoors and enjoy a solitary hike a few times a month; it’s my cherished “me-time” to recharge and energize. An open-minded person at heart, I embrace diverse ideas and perspectives, always willing to lend a listening ear. Cultivating my passion for growth, I treasure; reading, listening to podcasts, and engaging conversations.

I’m a quintessential African with a global citizen mindset; I’ve lived and traveled to different parts of Africa, the USA, and the United Kingdom. I enjoy cultural experiences and have been exposed to many traditions and customs, a strength I use to foster relations with diverse individuals, teams, and organizations.

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