“I wish I didn’t have to see any more,” said Mr. Eye.  “I just want to walk like Ms. Leg,” he concluded.

“I’m tired of walking,” moaned Ms. Leg, I want to shrink and become like Dr. Liver” she said.

Imagine if our body parts decided they no longer want to play their role and longed to be something else. They would probably feel inadequate all their lives because an eye can NEVER become a leg. A leg can NEVER become a liver.  The crazy part is some of us go through life wishing we were someone else, waiting for a magical day that is “just around a corner” that will miraculously change our lives, change who we are.

Instead of wishing  or trying to be someone else, understand your strengths & talents and MAXIMISE them. Become stronger, faster, more strategic at what you do. Learn new skills, explore new things, but never wish away who you are. Your individuality is your ultimate strength. Embrace it!