They are the prerequisite for something new because after a bitterly cold winter, the season of fresh beginnings must follow, that is spring.

We live in a culture that predominantly sees difficulty as the end of the world, as an indication that you have done something wrong or God is punishing you. I’d like to suggest to you that your difficult time could also be a part of the seasons of life because there is a time for EVERYTHING under the sun. You can’t have harvest time without first having rain; you can’t have a beautiful baby without the discomfort of pregnancy and labour pains. This is the principle of seasons which is also linked to the law of polarity.

It is said that we live in a world of opposites, in other words for anything to exist it must have its exact opposite. For light to exist there must be darkness. For the physical world to exist there must me a spirit world and so on; scientists call this the law of polarity.

We cannot fully appreciate what happiness is, if we are unaware of what sorrow looks like.

Now does that mean that once you grasp the principle of seasons and the law of polarity, you’ll laugh and smile all day, every day? Definitely not! The difficult times will still hurt like hell, there’ll be moments you want to give up but what WILL change is in your darkest moments that still small voice will rise up within and calmly say “This too shall pass.”

None of us is immune to hard times, the difference between someone who appears to have lots of problems and someone who appears to sail through life is their attitude.

Is the fire in your life burning you up? Or is it refining the gold in you?