The body is made up of many parts. The eyes see and create perception of the world around us. The pancreas releases enzymes that break down foods and hormones that regulate blood sugar level. The feet enable the complex movements needed for motion and balance of the body.

Each part of our body has a specific role to play. The foot cannot see, the eyes cannot produce enzymes, the pancreas cannot enable motion of the body.

So why do we try to be like other people?

Each one of us is a part of this glorious body called humanity. By trying to be like someone else, we are denying humanity our very special part to serve the body.

Each one was created to do something, to lead within a specific area of influence. Your greatness could be baking the greatest cakes or being an incredible cleaner or offering comfort and love as a trauma nurse.

We often relate greatness and success with celebrity status and yet success simply means “anyone realizing a worthy predetermined ideal because that’s what he or she really wants to do” ~ Earl Nightingale, whatever role you have to play matters, master it. Imagine if the foot said “I want to be an arm”, how would we walk? There would be no system for holistic living and the human experience would be limited. When you limit who you are, you limit the potential of humanity.

We are one body with many parts, play your part boldly, and play it fiercely because only you can be you. More importantly, give others the room to be themselves; the eye cannot insist that the eye socket become an eye, otherwise what would hold the eye in its place?