There are many firsts happening in Africa right now.

Nigerian star, Yemi Alade became the first African female artist to reach one million subscribers on her YouTube channel. In just one day, a world record-breaking 350 million trees were planted in Ethiopia as part of efforts to tackle deforestation and climate change. In South Africa, 20 teenagers from vastly different backgrounds built an aircraft and successfully flew it from Cape Town to Cairo.

I’m sure at some point, the individuals behind these accomplishments were called crazy, too daring, over the top; but look at them NOW!

What are you working so hard on that people think you’re insane? What vision has you obsessed that people say ‘you are too much?’

People will always have something to say regardless of what you do and here is one thing I have learnt. The critics are not there to stop you, they are life’s way of testing how much you really want it; overcoming people who don’t believe in you is part of the journey to your goals.

People who don’t believe in you can be loved ones you hold close to your heart but never take it personally. Why?

Human beings will always advise you out of their fears and achievements.

If they can’t see themselves achieving anything substantial, don’t expect them to be your biggest supporters; their perception won’t allow them, it’s got nothing to do with you.

On the other hand, if you ask your critics about how to live a low-key conformist life, they would have lots to say because that’s their norm. Remember this, you don’t go to a plumber to get a medical diagnosis and you don’t go to a chef for knee surgery. So don’t expect fearful people to be enthusiastic about your adventures.

While it’s great to have people support you, there may come a time when the only thing that will keep you going is belief in yourself. Consistently work hard and in time, your harvest will come.