Success and failure depend on how you manage your time and respond to change” Dr. Myles Munroe.

The person you are and the life you have manifested is largely to do with how you’ve been spending your time and responding to change; two variables that nobody has control over.

Is your life what you imagined it to be? If not, it’s time to be precious about your time and mindful of your response to change.

A quick way to start is to set some goals. They will guide your time management and when faced with choices, you can ask yourself “Is this taking me closer to my goals or moving me away?”

Step 1: Write down your goals, they must be clear statements, measurable and have a time frame.

I want to get a senior role is not a goal, it is not clear or measurable and it has no time frame.

I want to be the managing director of a large organisation with over 500 employees by 2025 is a goal as it meets all three requirements.

Step 2: Commit to what small actions you will take every day, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly etc., towards your goal.

This is where what you do with your time becomes important.

I commit to reading a chapter of ‘Start With Why‘ by Simon Sinek every day.

 I commit to talking to a mentor once a week.

I commit to attending a leadership seminar every quarter.

As you learn new things, there may be times you feel like giving up as you will be stretched and challenged. Hold on, change equals to growth, it’s part of the journey.

Step 3: Think about your goal as often as possible and begin to behave as though you have already achieved it.

Write a description of the person you want to become (include hobbies, dress code, education etc.) use this as a reference for what you should think about and start doing right now.

Where would the managing director you hang out? What kind of people would you be around? What would your body look like?

Step 4: Believe!

Believe that nothing can stop you.  The seasons of life are constantly in motion; sometimes it will be easy, sometimes you will be in the heart of winter. In times of difficult change, respond with authenticity and resilience.

Step 5: Enjoy the ride.

 You will meet some incredible people along the way to help you get there so have an open heart and mind.

Ten years will surely pass and if you want to be the person you see in your imagination, begin to work steadily and consistently towards that, right now. ight Sh