These are words we often say when we get a new job, land a big client or graduate.

On the flip side, when we can’t find a job, loose a well-paying client or struggle with getting a qualification we may say “Why is the devil attacking me?

The truth is “good things” are not always a miraculous manifestation of our heavenly father and “bad things” are not always the workings of a malevolent devil.

 Perhaps you can’t find a job right now because the one that is meant for you is yet to come; or you lost your well-paying client because your complacency has slowed down your growth; or you’re struggling with your qualification because in all honesty you hate it and wish you were pursuing your passion.

In essence, all things work together in perfect balance.

Life was never meant to be easy. Hard times are not reserved for a special group of people; we all experience our unique blend of difficulties.

In essence, every situation is an opportunity for you to become more of who you want to be through how you choose to respond and what action you take.