Meet Jennifer, my hairdresser, she is the personification of what it means to say good bye to your comfort zone.  Jennifer helped my dreadlocks recover from an abusive relationship with a dodgy dreadlocks guy in Cosmo City, north of Johannesburg; I didn’t know how dreadlocks are supposed to be done so I trusted that he knew best.

Anyway, Jennifer is originally from Uganda and came to SA about two years ago to look for work as she couldn’t make ends meet for her two children; their father was nowhere to be found.
She says the hardest part was saying good bye to her kids because they were so small (5 and 6 years old).

“I had to put them in boarding school before I left because my mother is too old to look after them” she shared.

She hasn’t seen her kids since.

At my last hair appointment with Jennifer, Spirit by Kwesta feat. Wale came on the music channel. Jennifer exploded with excitement.

“Oh my god this is my song!!!! Oh!!!!!!! You know what happened? You see this video??? Their dreadlocks, I did them! I was there! I did their hair! I styled them, both of them. They wanted a woman to do their hair. A woman! Someone recommended me!!! Oh what a beautiful day it was. I was treated like a queen that day!!!”

Jennifer shared every detail of her magical day from the food she ate, the cars she was chauffeured in, the jealous looks and the sparkling hotels she was hosted in.

Jennifer, the queen of dreadlocks
Jennifer, the queen of dreadlocks

Wanting dramatic change in your life requires you to make dramatic changes in your life. Sounds like common sense right? Sadly most of us don’t get it, we want change but with little or no effort on our part. That’s like wishing for a six pack without wanting to do sit ups.

What are you willing to give up to get what you want?  It may be as simple as a few hours sleep to study that degree or it may mean saying good bye to your children as Jennifer did in pursuit of a better life.

Whatever it is that you have to do, you will be required to step outside of your comfort zone.  Bear in mind that Mr. Comfort zone and Ms. Sacrifices live on the opposite ends of town. You can chill with Mr. Comfort zone where everything is easy and predictable, or you can move in with Ms. Sacrifices where there is adventure and vitality awaiting you.

Broad is the road that leads to an average life, many are travelling on it. Narrow is the road that leads to a fulfilling life, few find it. Choose wisely.