I’ve met some pretty resilient people in life; David, a music maestro from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo is one of them.  He’s in my husband’s circles; they make music together and share a passion for delicious food.

I’ve never really had a conversation with David; it’s usually just “Hi Mama” “Hi David” then he and my husband excuse themselves to go and make music. The first time I heard David speak for more than a minute was at his birthday party when it was speech time, the alcohol was flowing and we were all warm.

I would like to thank all of you for coming to be with me on this special day. When I look back on my life, I can’t believe it because it’s only God who has kept me.

When I arrived from Congo, my only plan was to succeed. I decided I’m going to teach myself how to make music. It was a hard process to get to where I am today. Times were tough and my friends were really there for me. I remember I would eat at this friend’s on a Monday, bathe at that one’s place on a Tuesday, wash my clothes at the other one on a Wednesday..oh man, God has kept me.

David and Kelly Khumalo

Living on my own in an apartment like I do now, seemed like a distant dream far far away in the future.David is a well-known music producer in the industry and recently worked with Kelly Khumalo and Unathi to name a few.

When a person takes on the attitude “I’ll press on UNTIL thing’s happen” there are few things that can stand in their way. What I marvel at the most about David is how he taught himself to make music. Like where do you even begin?

David concluded his birthday speech:

“I owe everything I have to Jesus, he knew what he was doing when I passed through all those things, I am just so happy now because people love my music, they tell me I’m as good as the American producers so I’m planning a trip to US so who knows what the future holds …”