Are you disciplined to do the every-day small things that bring long-term results?

Discipline can be a negative word for some. Pictures of a deprived boring life with zero indulgence and strict routines might be your interpretation. I see discipline like an older friend who tells you the truth you don’t like but need to hear, and after you’ve heard it, you’re glad you did. It can be a painful process that demands sacrifice but in the end you’ll be glad you did it, especially if you are going after something you really really want; it’s an essential ingredient to all achievement.

So how can you be disciplined starting today? A great place to start is making your bed, it may seem small and insignificant but in the bigger scheme of things it’s a confidence builder. Next, set yourself a routine you follow daily and weekly.

For example you might want to set up a morning routine that includes prayer and meditation, taking a walk or going to the gym. These take a bit more effort than making your bed and once you get into the routine, you will feel your sense of power growing. Your subconscious will start to whisper “Yes I can do it”.

When the time comes for big discipline to achieve big goals, you’ll be ready. You may be required to study something new (when everyone else is sleeping), learn a new skill (which is totally out of your comfort zone), or separate yourself from your friends (who you love and have been with all your life). These require serious levels of discipline and if you can’t be faithful with the small stuff, how can you be faithful with the big things? It begins with making your bed.

Get serious, press on, amaze yourself.