“They don’t give us enough opportunities to grow”, “they don’t value our contributions,” “they don’t care about us!”

It’s easy to blame our employers for our lack of engagement at work and get stuck in a downward spiral.

While there’s no doubt that companies play a MASSIVE role in employee engagement, it’s important to remember that we also have a responsibility to ourselves. If we’re not engaged at work, it’s not always because the company is doing or not doing something.

Sometimes, we need to take a look at our own attitudes and behaviours and ask ourselves:

  • Why am I so triggered by my work?
  • What am I contributing to the problem?
  • What can I do to change my mindset?

Could it be we hate our jobs but choose to stay because of financial obligations? If so, we may need to choose acceptance (or devise an exit strategy).

Or is it possible that we are still relying on coping mechanisms that helped us survive trauma, but are now getting in the way of our success?

Identify the root causes of your disengagement. What are the underlying factors that are contributing to your lack of engagement? Ask yourself tough questions. What are you afraid of? Be honest with yourself.

No company can make us engaged if we’re not willing to participate and be a part of the solution. We need to be open to feedback, willing to learn and grow, and committed to introspection.