If I wanted to run the comrades marathon I’d have to train hard, change my diet, get the right mindset; physical and mental preparation would be required for me to complete the course.

It doesn’t matter how much I wish for the course to be shorter and easier, it’s not going to happen. The only thing I CAN DO is prepare myself.

When it comes to living a happy content life, we fantasize about how things would be better if people were more giving and loving; or if we had the right connections to get a multi-million deal, or better still, if we had the right spouse. We convince ourselves that the things around must change for life to change; the course must be made shorter and easier.

Here’s a newsflash! For your life to change, YOU must change. A great start is to fill up your mind with inspirational content; read up on something that will add value to you like how to present better in meetings or inner peace in a crazy world. These days there’re literally DVDs, CDs and audio books about everything!

In the words of the great Jim Rohn
“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better”