Journey Within

If I wanted to run the comrades marathon I’d have to train hard, change my diet, get the right mindset; physical and mental preparation would be required for me to complete the course. It doesn’t matter how much I wish for the course to be shorter and easier, it’s not going to happen. The only thing I CAN DO is prepare myself. When it comes to living a happy content life, we fantasize about how things would be better if people were more giving and loving; or if we had the right connections to get a multi-million deal, or better still, if we had the right spouse. We…

Mama’s 90th birthday with the late Comrade Zola Skweyiya

The Matriarch Lives On!

There is only one person my first blog post MUST be dedicated to, my grand-mother, Mamcirha Nocawa Lubemba who is no longer with us, she passed on just a few days before Christmas on 19 December 2018. What a source of inspiration! My earliest memory of Mama was me plaiting 10 strands of hair on her balding head when I was around 6 years old. I could never understand why she wanted it plaited; couldn’t she see she had no hair? We all lived in Zambia at the time; my family lived in Avondale (the burbs) and she lived in Kaunda Square (ko kasi). We would visit her…